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What Folks are Saying about Portico?

We  try really hard to make it special!

It is soooo rewarding to hear great comments when people enjoy the food, the service, the cleanliness...We want it to be a very special place!

The ingredients we use are absolute top of the line, as fresh as possible, and prepared in an open kitchen atmosphere so that you can see how much we care for your meal! And it shows. It is hard to count the many times that we hear, "This is the Best pizza I have ever had!"

Tastes vary so much. That makes it challenging to get treasured comments like that! But, there is enough variety in our menu to find something special for everyone! Click on the links below for more comments about the Portico Pizza Kitchen!

Trip Advisor.com

Portico Pizza offers some of the best brick oven baked pizza I have eaten. They have several creative pizzas to choose from, my personal favorite is the Caribbean Chicken pie. It cost a little more than say Pizza Hut, but you are getting what you pay for on quality ingredients. Highly recommended. Also take a little time to browse the ironworks store attached to the restaurant, some really neat things in there. -Tim

Face Book

Love love love this place! Awesome food, great atmosphere and kid friendly! Can't beat it! -Amanda

Google Plus

 My husband saw the "Brick Oven Pizza" sign as we drove by The Ironworks store right at supper time. We were intrigued to see a new restaurant, Portico Pizza Kitchen inside of one of our favorite shops. The food was delicious! We had Cesar Salad, Chicken Tortilla Soup and their thin, crispy crusted pizza on top of being treated to a sample of their wonderful oven baked Jerk Chicken Sub. What a treat! My husband's comment, "Outstanding!" And we were treated like one of the family. Can't wait to go back! -Mil